Buying Process

Decoding the Buying and Conveyancing Process for Properties in Melbourne

Buying a property requires a substantial financial investment, making it a once-in-a-lifetime event for a majority of buyers, that is why it is important to not take this decision lightly or in haste. At Compare Conveyancing Melbourne, we understand that buying property is a daunting task for most buyers, especially first timers. To make sure that our clients’ experience is smooth and hassle-free, we have put together an extensive buying process that is aimed at eliminating blips and glitches along the way:

Investigation Phase

Each property is unique in its own right, and so are the buyers’ expectations. Finding a meeting ground for these two crucial criteria is the basis of a sold investigation phase. Compare Conveyancing Melbourne reiterates that the sound investigation is not just limited to taking a good look at the property and seeing if it fits your budget. It also includes intricacies such as verifying the property title, cross-checking measurements, finding out about the zoning scheme applicable to the land in question and discovering hidden costs.

Making an Offer

Having concluded investigations and figured out the most appropriate financing option, buyers can proceed to make an offer on the chosen property. This is the most crucial part of buying a property, as there may be certain complex clauses involved in the drawn up contract owing to which you may end up paying a lot more than you signed up for. To rule out any such eventuality, Compare Conveyancing Melbourne thoroughly examines the contract, names of buying and selling parties, the final pricing, ownership type, property description and title, final price and taxes such as GST levied on purchase, and the statement issued by the vendor in compliance with the Sale of Land Act, besides any special clauses that may have been entered by the seller.


Conveyancing is the most comprehensive process in the whole process of buying and requires expert intervention. Our team of professionals at Compare Conveyancing Melbourne is committed to go the extra mile by reinforcing all the investigation and scrutiny done thus, far through an in-depth investigation of the contract and Vendor’s Statement, before proceeding to seek property certificates, filing a caveat notice, and preparing for transfer of ownership.


Compare Conveyancing Melbourne takes care of the various steps involved in completing the settlement procedure for a property. Most of the aspects pertaining to settlement involve legal intricacies, for which we have set up a dedicated team that specializes in handling insurance of property, obtaining license agreements, seeking adjustment from the property vendor, making financial settlements with your bank and the vendor, carrying out a final inspection before the settlement, and putting up notices for acquisition of property.


Whether you want assistance with the entire buying process or are seeking expert intervention to see you through the process of buying a pre-identified property, Compare Conveyancing Melbourne is equipped to offer its comprehensive services to suit different needs of our clients. We offer a one-stop-solution for all your buying needs, thereby eliminating the need for middlemen like real estate promoters from the whole process.


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