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The Important Pieces Of Information Pertaining to Fixed Fee Conveyancing

Buying a home or selling is certainly something that brings in lot of happiness and fulfillment. However, it has to be also borne in mind that the entire process is not easy and there are many complicated issues involved. Hence, we can play a big role as reputed conveyancers to enable smooth transfer of ownership from one entity to another.

The entire process of conveyancing is quite long starting from the moment there is an in-principle agreement between the buyer and seller to enter into an agreement. The drafting of the agreement, having vetted it with the legal department, searching for records and documents from the government authorities, valuing the property, looking up the property physically are just a few steps in the entire process. In all these processes we certainly have a big role to play. We have the best of professionals who can handle the entire process end to end.

While there are certainly many such service providers who could be providing the above services, we are different because of a few important reasons. First and foremost, we are one of the few who offer these services at very affordable fee structures. We have different fee structures depending on the type of services that are required. We have a package for full conveyancing services starting from valuation to final transfer of ownership and receipt of sale proceeds. On the other hand we have separate fee structures for different type of services that are required of the customers. Hence, we are very well known for offering cost effective solutions to our customers.

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