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Privacy Policy Well Explained In This Page

Your privacy is maintained by our special team members who had given the full authority to take case of our user’s personal information. Our objectives are set in favor of our client’s security to manage the security and privacy.

Brief personal information

User’s descriptive personal information is taken at the time when user is in need to get any particular services details. For that cause we had made a descriptive form in which user have to fill their personal information regarding their full name, full address, full mobile number and also their full email id and etc. getting this information with us we will be able to give them reply to their asked queries. We will reply them by referring their brief personal information, using their phone number or email id.

Third party access

User’s personal information we stored in our fully safe and secured database and in that database we never allow anyone to make any access. Third party access is also not allowed, in case if someone is demanding your personal information access then we never allowed that person to do so rather we will inform you regarding this and after you make sure us to provide your information then only we allow that third party person to access your personal information. Security of website

Website security is maintained using safety software’s which are installed to remove and protect our site from any type of harmful entries or any other unwanted access to our website.

Tracking information

Our trackers are able to track information of visitors who make visit on our website and perform only browsing our website and information downloading. If a visitor is doing like this, tracker will track his access information. That information is his server name, domain name, IP address, location of making access, visiting time and date, also its browser type from which he is surfing our website and etc.

Cookies Cookies are the small text files which are made to store user’s information. At the time when user make a visit on the website cookie is able to store its information on user’s browser. And then every time when the user makes visit the information will be saved in that browser to note the number of visits by any user on our website. You can also avoid cookies access it’s in computer setting because every time a cookie is generated it’s ask to allow or not.

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