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Selling Of Real Estate Property And The Importance of Conveyancing

The importance of Conveyancing cannot be overstated when it comes to selling transactions involving a real estate property, and Compare Conveyancing Melbourne is committed to supporting you all along this critical journey. There are multiple stages involved in this process and as a customer you need to be aware of all the process intricacies to ensure that you can extract a pleasurable experience out of selling a given real estate property.

The following steps require you to solicit the services of Compare Conveyancing Melbourne –

Pre Exchange process

Drafting of the contract –You need a comprehensive sale contract for the sale of land that clearly mention the various aspects of the given property before you can go ahead and start looking for a prospective buyer. At Compare Conveyancing Melbourne, we have expertise in preparing the land sale contract as well as attaching the required annexure with the same to ensure that you do not fall on the wrong side of the law.

The land sale contract contains the following aspects – Information about the settlement period (amounting to 42 days), all inclusions with the property clearly listed down, information regarding the mortgage (if any), restrictions and other similar aspects.

Agency Agreement – This Agreement is required for your agent to be able to sell your property on your behalf, and the experienced and competent professionals at Compare Conveyancing Melbourne would be happy to review the same for you. It would also be advisable to conduct a sales study to have a clear idea of the property prices in the area and align the same with the expectation you set with your agent so that you may get the highest possible price for your property It is also advisable to review the marketing plan that has been created for your real estate sale and understand the various marketing tactics applied.

Agreement exchange with prospective buyer

Once your agent has helped you identify a prospective buyer, there is a need to provide the sale of the land contract to him so that there is no ambiguity regarding the various clauses involved in the selling the property. Once the contract has been accepted by the prospective buyer, your agent should immediately contact your dedicated customer service representative at Compare Conveyancing Melbourne to ensure that we can facilitate the exchange of contract at the earliest.

The exchange process would be initiated by us where we would explain the prospective buyer about all the terms & conditions as well as any inclusions with the property in question. We would also inform both the parties about the mandatory five days cool off period where a buyer can make up his mind to finalize the deal. The vendor does not have the cool off period and once the purchaser makes up his mind and signs the concerned contract and the sale is complete.

Contacting the Lender

The last step of the real estate selling process is to contact your lender (if any) and close off your mortgage or simply transfer it to the concerned buyer.

At Compare Conveyancing Melbourne we are committed to not only serving all our clients with distinction but also resolve to create a symbiotic relationship where you can benefit from our valuable advice for all future purchase and sale of property.

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