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Guide to Property Selling Process in Melbourne

Whether you are moving to a new location, want to dispose off an unused property or are in need of some extra cash, selling a house is never an easy decision, and definitely not one without its share of complexities. Gone are the days when one could just put up a ‘for sale’ sign post at the front door and wait for buyers to trickle in. Our experience in the real estate market says you need a proactive strategy to make sure you get the best deal on your property in these competitive times. Compare Conveyancing Melbourne presents you a step-by-step guide for selling of real estate properties in Melbourne:


Once you have decided to sell your property, the important first step is listing it and putting it on the market. For this, you need to rely on the services of an efficient agent. Finding the right agent can be a daunting task given the wide range of choices available. One thumb-rule to making the right choice is to concentrate more on the person you are going to deal with rather than the company they represent. At Compare Conveyancing Melbourne, all our agents rank high on parameters such as exhaustive knowledge of the market, information about local buyers, and experience.

Sale Type

The next important step is to weigh your options and arrive at a sale option best suited for your property. You have an option of choosing from three alternatives here – private sale, fixed date sale or auction. In private sale, you list the asking price on a property, where as in fixed date sale, you invite prospective buyers to make an offer on your property and may enter into negotiations with the highest bidder. Auctions, of course, are an open-to-all form of selling where property owner sets a minimum price on the property, and the rest is left to the bidders. Experts at Compare Conveyancing Melbourne help you decide the most suitable sale option after examining the property and on the basis of prevalent market trends.


As with buying, the conveyancing process is most crucial in the selling properties as well. The process includes identifying the right property, determining the property price, drawing up contracts, and preparing Vendor’s Statement. Considering the legal intricacies involved, it is best to leave this task to professional like the team of experts at Compare Conveyancing Melbourne. A thorough conveyancing process saves you from running into legal trouble of any kind.


This is the final lap of the selling process. You are finally past the days of filling up paperwork, understanding legalities, signing contracts, negotiating with potential buyers and waiting through the cooling off period. The settlement day is when you receive the balance payment from the buyer and hand over the legal rights and the keys to the property to its new owners. Compare Conveyancing Melbourne sees its clients right through the entire selling process right till the settlement day. Our representatives are present with you as you exchange keys, paperwork and money with the buyers, to make sure there are no last-minute hiccups in the sale procedure.

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